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Lear how to optimise your diary for your private practice or coaching business so you can create balance. 


Lear how to optimise your diary for your private practice or coaching business so you can create balance. 

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What if you could have a more profitable private practice or coaching business? What if you were able to work less? What would you be able to do with that time that you can't do now? What if there was a way to make this your new reality?

These questions highlight why you have to get good at generating turnover. By the way, if you want a shortcut to things like attracting the right team members, finding ideal clients and marketing (all from place of alignment with your brand vision and values), then I invite you to consider joining me for the next 90 Day Coaching Program: Business Success From the Inside Out™. 

  • It includes 9, 1:1 x60 minute coaching sessions over three months, with a week each month off so that you can implement the tools and strategies, which means you will be able to take action and start getting results sooner.
  • It teaches you how to increase turnover in your business so you can finally release your money worries which means you’ll be able to work less and not have to worry about the finances.
  • It teaches you how to structure your diary so you can receive a steady flow of referrals which means you won’t be worried about how to pay the rent when it's due.
  • It helps you identify opportunities to create additional revenue streams in ways that are ethical and aligned with your brand vision so you can expand your service offerings which means you’ll be able to reach your goal of helping more people. 
  • It teaches you how to market your business effectively so you can attract the ideal candidates to your business which means no more stress around poor-fits. 
  • You will learn how to apply my signature framework to your business so you can solve challenges in ways that actually feel good, which means you’ll be much happier at work. 
  • It includes setting up processes or automations in your business so you can have more time free to spend with loved ones. 
  • It teaches you how to recruit your next team member so you can stop killing yourself with such a high client-load which means you’ll be able to be more present and focussed.
  • It teaches you strategies to attract the right clients to your business so you can have a fully booked diary and stop throwing money away on FB ads and boosted posts. 
  • It teaches you the essential systems and processes you need to have in your business which means you’ll be able to cancel a bunch of your existing subscriptions and save yourself some money.
  • You will have access to someone that’s been there, done that and who get’s it so you can finally work with someone that speaks your language which means you won’t have to figure out solutions on your own anymore. 
  • It teaches you how to organise your time so you are not staying at the office until 10pm every night which means you'll be able to go home and spend more time with your family. 

To find out more, look at the Work With Me tab or connect with me on email: hello@brooklynstorme.com All inquiries are welcome.

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Binge listen to episodes on everything from recruiting your dream team with ease (yes, it's possible!), to increasing your time freedom, hacking your subconscious mind to amplify your success and so much more. Rated 5 stars by listeners.

Creating Income, Freedom and Impact

It was such a pleasure to be invited onto EverTalk TV in LA to discuss what Business Alignment© is, how to integrate spirituality with business to get results and about my passion for helping others. 

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Thank you

I just wanted to shout out a big "Thank you" to my amazing mentor Brooklyn. The personal, professional, and business growth that I have experienced during our time together has been incredible. It has far exceeded my expectations and has been a huge surprise. The best thing I have ever done and my best investment yet. Thank you x

Jo Reclaimed Her Time

Jo wanted more time to work on developing the business to achieve her vision but wasn't sure how to find it. We showed her.

Anita Found Unclaimed Money

Not having the right policies in place was costing Anita in lost revenue and was putting unnecessary pressure on her. We showed her what policies to use and how to implement them.

Mel Left With a Plan to Scale Her Business

Running the business as a solopreneur can be hard. We showed Mel when and how to scale in alignment and gave her a plan to implement. 

Ian Created Passive Income

Having a steady cash flow that you can rely on really helps entrepreneurs to have the peace of mind they need in order to focus on the business. We showed Ian how to monetise existing services and he implemented his plan before leaving the workshop.

Lisa Found Freedom

As a result of one our implementation sessions of the workshop, Lisa experienced a dramatic realisation that has now unlocked endless possibilities to  take her business forward.

Steve Learned About Letting Go

A greater understanding of the concept of an Aligned Team allowed Steve the freedom to let go and create space to invite new team members in. 

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I genuinely want to help you find peace of mind and joy again in the business. You have the option of signing up for Your Secret Angel - a service you can turn to when you need more discreet guidance about sensitive business issues, or you can enrol in business coaching.

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